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Business Leadership Today at the Ground Level

The world of business is ever more demanding right now. During the economic downturn, the short-term pressures on leaders to deliver growth, profits and customer satisfaction are unrelenting. Often these pressures are so great that preparing for the future in a logical and structured way is all too easily postponed. Yet, without sound investment programmes the stakeholders in a business will be increasingly disappointed with performance and more frequently surprised by events.

This dilemma is at the very centre of the challenges facing business leaders today. However, as good leadership becomes more and more indispensable it seems that even the best talent is too often ill-prepared for the leadership role.

The Challenges Facing Leaders

The primary commercial objective of leadership is to create sustainable competitive advantage. Aside from financial capital, the three main sources of competitive advantage and challenges are:

  • Human Capital: The challenge for leaders is to empower and enable their people to perform to their best abilities. Training, development and the patterns of networking are much more effective tools for achieving this than the traditional practice of relying on hierarchy, title or status.
  • Core Competencies: The challenge is to understand what drives these so that they can command a premium in the marketplace. Maintaining a premium position demands relentless and continuous development.
  • Organisational Capabilities: The challenge that leaders face is to create a culture that adapts to continuous cohesion. An essential component of this is the ability to communicate clear messages with clear priorities.

The leader has to orchestrate these resources strategically to have the best effect on business performance, and embrace strategy, process and structure in doing so. The skills set demanded of leaders is daunting. Leaders need energy, integrity, vision, judgement, enterprise, decisiveness and the ability to inspire. The leader needs to invest in the required resources, engage others, keep processes vital, model core behaviours, link the critical enablers and ensure follow-through. This will define corporate culture.

Leaders need to respond to the challenges being presented at an operational level with tactical responses that will deliver results.

How can the gg team help you with your tactical responses and challenges?

gg management consulting can provide independent advice, expertise and support on:

Operational Effectiveness:

  • Service Optimisation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Outsourcing
  • Vendor Partnering
  • Target Operating Model Design
  • Corporate Real Estate Planning
  • Organisational Design & Development
  • Strategic Alignment
  • People Rating
  • Succession Planning
  • Process & Technology Support
  • Performance Fit and Behavioural Fit

Project Management:

  • Change Programmes
  • IT Systems Implementation

These tactical responses can be the result of recommendations to resolve specific business problems revealed through the analysis of gg's unique models, or required by management due to other business imperatives.

The combination of the skills, expertise and knowledge of the gg team and the distinctive analytical problem-solving models it uses is a dynamic formula for successful strategic development and change management in complex corporate environments. One of the most valuable investments any organisation can make, especially in the current economic downturn, is to engage a gg team to resolve specific problems that are challenging your business. This is the first step in developing new strategic positioning and in establishing greater competitive advantage.

Ask for a free consultation. If our models are likely to provide positive results for you and we are engaged, we will guarantee you will increase your profits by far more than you invest in the programme.

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