acorn Systems partnership

Experienced Professional Services Team

  • Knowledge - The team has deep experience in deploying cost and profitability solutions developed through hundreds of engagements.
  • Unique Approach - Acorn has developed a new approach to Activity Based Costing (ABC) that provides for more sustainable solutions and accurate results.
  • Business analytics and profitability modelling gg has significant Intellectual Property for profitability and cost-to-serve models which have a proven track record over three decades covering Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Consumer Goods sectors.
  • Proven Methodology - Implementation methodology provides for rapid system deployment and focuses on knowledge transfer.

Best-in-class Software Solution

  • Proven - The Acorn Systems' software solution has been market tested over the past 12 years.
  • Scalable - Implementations at the enterprise level in some of the world's largest firms.
  • Flexible - Ability to integrate with complex IT environments and other BI solutions, for example corporate reporting tools.

Combining gg and Acorn’s expertise and client experiences with Acorn’s best in class technology enables our clients to realise strategic business value in addition to the tactical value gained through a more accurate and efficient performance measurement system.

Profitability and cost analytics are our key focus allowing us to deliver on what matters most to our clients.

Profitability Improvement

Financial Institutions

Shared Service Manager™

Retail Success


Acorn Systems' Enterprise Performance (EPS) Suite

Acorn Performance Analyzer™:

  • Creates performance measures for revenues, costs, net profits and capacity utilisation.
  • Provides process modelling (such as ABC models) and calculation functionality for revenue improvement and cost reduction programmes.

Acorn Shared Service Manager™:

  • Manages shared service costs allocations with transparency.
  • Provides an understanding into the root cause of costs, thus creating the ability to better leverage shared services functions.
  • Streamline the finance functions related to managing, rationalising and explaining internal cost allocations to the lines of business.

Acorn Supply Chain Analyzer:

  • Analyse the total supply chain-cost, trade-deal funding, and net profit of products through various flow paths.

gg and Acorn Systems' Partnership Delivering Powerful Solutions

How can the gg and Acorn team help you?

gg and Acorn is a powerful partnership that enables premier global companies to manage their costs and profitability more cohesively using Acorn Systems' Enterprise Performance Suite (EPS) supported by a proven implementation methodology, expert consulting and advanced business analysis solutions.

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