gg engagements

Why gg management consulting (gg)?

  • gg is a boutique consulting firm, established in early 2008, providing distinctive analytic problem-solving models to support strategic development and change management within corporations.
  • gg challenges old paradigms and searches for the quantum shifts that will transform its clients' commercial competitiveness and offer them new strategic agility.
  • Many of its models and tools are unique and have a robustness derived from three decades of successful application and development.
  • gg prides itself on establishing a strong rapport with clients.
  • Experts from its network are carefully selected to form project teams to resolve specific business problems in the shortest possible time and at the least cost, with minimal interruption to client operations.
  • It is this powerful combination of dynamic experts with an innovative problem-solving toolkit that ensures the success of each client engagement.
  • At all times client confidentiality is paramount.

gg engagements

While no two engagements are ever the same, we do ensure that:

  • Our approach is always structured around fact-based problem-solving tools.
  • Each engagement is sponsored by a key business stakeholder, who is empowered to make change happen.
  • gg's experts are among the best problem-solvers in their field, bringing new ideas, thoughts and insights.
  • We deliver commitment, objectivity, integrity and sound judgement at all times.
  • Our recommendations always acknowledge internal and external factors and take them into consideration in a way that will ensure political practicability, without prejudicing our professional objectivity and integrity.
  • There is sufficient knowledge transfer for the business to move forward with the newly implemented strategies and tactical programmes.
  • The scope of the engagement is right, and that we assign the most optimal team to each engagement.

How can the gg team help you?

The combination of the skills, expertise and knowledge of the gg team and the distinctive analytical problem-solving models it uses is a dynamic formula for successful strategic development and change management in complex corporate environments. One of the most valuable investments any organisation can make, especially in the current economic downturn, is to engage a gg team to resolve specific problems that are challenging your business. This is the first step in developing new strategic positioning and in establishing greater competitive advantage.

Ask for a free consultation. If our models are likely to provide positive results for you and we are engaged, we will guarantee you will increase your profits by far more than you invest in the programme.

Contact us now on 0845 6435 838 or email:

We look forward to discussing your needs.