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Who are gg?

gg evolved from the desire to provide alternative solutions to business issues, solutions that at first may appear counterintuitive but which can lead to surprising breakthroughs. A clear understanding of a business's problems is of paramount importance as flawed understanding may lead to counterproductive behaviour with undesirable outcomes.

In its foundational values and working practices, gg believes in reinventing the rules. It challenges the old paradigms and makes quantum shifts from old to new belief systems. We take a holistic approach in business, ensuring strategic agility, organisational adaptability and the right humanitarian choices.

gg does not follow rigid rules or operate predictably. It is a collective of individuals who each contribute unique skills and expertise and promote thought leadership in resolving business problems. Our most powerful offering is the creative intelligence of our team members, which continually generates fresh and insightful perspectives.

Creative thinking is our power - our people are our magic!

gg is not a conventional consultancy. gg team members are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. We pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our offering, and on our approachability. gg is open, honest and friendly, and committed to generating assurance and trust for our clients. We treat each engagement as if we were working on our own business. Our approach is personal and based on rapport, integrity and the highest regard for client confidentiality.

Seeing is believing

In life we respond to the world through five senses. gg believes that in business the most powerful sense is sight: visually conveying a message, understanding an issue or problem, presenting ideas for resolution or detailing results, is extremely effective. We use our visual sense on a daily basis while often taking for granted its unique power to influence.

Values can be illustrated as an analogue display in graphic form such as curves, or as a digital display in arrays of numbers. This visual communication tells a story, just as a comic or graphic novel, or a silent movie, does. However, we relate to the pictorial (analogue) form more readily than we do to a digital format. A visual tool such as a graph or chart is the most powerful way to communicate when demonstrating data analysis, or to convey a key message quickly and effectively. It is a far more effective form of communication than simply displaying a series of numbers and calculations.

Our approach in resolving business problems illustrates a situation in a pictorial form that enables our clients to readily understand their current circumstances and the results that will be achieved following corrective action. Often when you are faced with a problem the answer lies right in front of you – as when you're staring at an illusion waiting for the picture to emerge or looking at clouds trying to make out familiar shapes. gg's team of experts can show you what's there – we see through the illusion.

Take the following example, which shows that it's not always easy to respond to hard logic. Once you replicate the nine dots exactly on paper, can you connect them all with four straight lines, without lifting your pen from the paper? 


Take your time and try to resolve the problem through your creative thinking abilities. Much like the abilities you need to call on to resolve a business problem that requires more than logic and reason, resolving this simple challenge calls for creative and alternative thinking. (See answer on the 9 dots page.)

Our sense of sight can easily go into overload and not see through an illusion, but a fresh pair of eyes can shed immediate light on a long-standing problem. The gg team embraces the sense of sight and uses expressive visualisation during all engagements. We believe that in order to truly grasp a situation, seeing is believing.

How can the gg team help you?

The combination of the skills, expertise and knowledge of the gg team and the distinctive analytical problem-solving models it uses is a dynamic formula for successful strategic development and change management in complex corporate environments. One of the most valuable investments any organisation can make, especially in the current economic downturn, is to engage a gg team to resolve specific problems that are challenging the business. This is the first step in developing new strategic positioning and in establishing greater competitive advantage.

Ask for a free consultation. If our models are likely to provide positive results for you and we are engaged, we will guarantee you will increase your profits by far more than you invest in the programme.

Contact us now on 0845 6435 838 or email: contact@ggmanagementconsulting.com

We look forward to discussing your needs.